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Darcie Rosinski

Darcie studied ceramics at Buffalo State College where she focused on functional work. A piece of art that can be used every day! Darcie also has a fine arts degree from Niagara County Community College where she studied drawing and painting. Her love for drawing transferred over to her ceramic work with the technique sgraffito. A form of decoration made by scratching through the surface to reveal the lower layer of a contrasting color. All of her work is wheel thrown with porcelain clay that is hand painted and carved.


"making pottery and art in general is an expression of myself and my life through my hands. my ideas and thoughts expressed into clay pots. art is the only thing that allows me to fully express myself. i've always struggled with words and trying to articulate my mind. I pick images that help me express these thoughtsthe images I use are all meaningful to me as they are a tiny glimpse into a memory of my life."

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